June 7, 2024

Sufi Mohamed

2024 VELOX Community Event

The event took place in Zürich at Sly AG headquarters, in Oerlikon, whereby several IT specialists, agency partners, specialists, and others came together to learn more about VELOX, its development progress, and its significance to the e-commerce environment. The session, began, of course with an apéro, a get-to-gether combined with refreshments.

René shared his recent insights and highlighted the profound significance of microservice technology as a valuable resource for businesses across sectors. The value of collaboration was underscored, and Luca discussed the challenges associated with standard and tailor-made solutions and how VELOX addresses them by design.

Luca presented the challenges and the wealth of knowledge Sly has accumulated during the ongoing development and implementation of VELOX over the past couple of years. The audience was left in anticipation, learning that there are many more exciting developments on the horizon, including tailor-made solutions designed specifically for industry-specific needs.

Marco highlighted the technical specifications and details we’ve developed until now as well as the most recent updates.

After the presentation and discussion, the participants enjoyed a savoury meal and discussed potential collaboration opportunities in the near future, the following steps they are engaged in, and what VELOX plans to achieve in the coming quarters.

Stay tuned to learn more about VELOX!

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