August 30, 2022

Nicola Berger

First Velox Customer

AI-powered solution supported by Velox-Backoffice

We are proud to present our first Velox customer! Ineexa, a customer from the construction industry.

Let’s review this experience, step-by-step.

Ineexa and Sly have had a successful relationship for more than a year. Velox is an open-source headless ecommerce solution designed using microservice architecture. Ineexa’s mission is to digitize the construction industry. So how could we match ineexa’s needs with what Velox offers? Let’s take a closer look at what ineexa needs.

When a developing is planned, structured PDFs, so called “Devis”, are generated containing all the requirements. Craftsmen use Devis to obtain a quote from their suppliers and finally make an offer. Depending on the project, a Devis may consist of a hundred to several hundred pages. All positions from the boiler to the pipe clamps are ordered according to corresponding building sections and working steps.

Up to the time of ineexa this positions were manually extracted by employees of the craftsman companies to generate a complete offer.

The powerful AI-powered solution ineexa can now automatically process their pdf-files. 

A search engine matches the product positions within the Devis directly with the product catalogs of their suppliers. Lastly, matched products are now exported including their prices, product details and an overall summary of the offer.

You might wonder how this digitalization tool might play together with our ecommerce solution Velox. Let’s walk through how we’ve made use of Velox flexibility to allow ineexa to be flexible as well.

AI-Solution assistance through the Velox Backoffice

Velox is based on a microservice architecture. Existing modules connect to one another and can be exchanged, added or consequently omitted. Through “cherry picking” ineexa can profit from the backoffice module without using any other Velox service at this point! The backoffice allows ineexa to manage its data after some minor adjustments to fit their needs.

Once necessary adjustments were made, ineexa was able to benefit from a modern easy-to-use admin interface helping them to manage and further optimize their solution. 

(Screenshot ineexa backoffice, Customer Change - Analysis)

Velox is an enabler

When our customers have had their first taste of Velox, they recognised the simplicity and how adaptable it really was to their needs. 

Velox has surprised several of our clients. It isn’t just for e-commerce contexts, we are certain its lightweight approach can fit your requirements as well

If you are curious about how Velox can support you, feel free to contact us for an open-minded brainstorming session. If you have questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us with the details below.

Reach us here at any time, via e-mail directly  ( or through our contact form at We are looking forward to hearing from you.

We sincerely thank our valued client ineexa for their interest and trust in our new solution.

Until next time!

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