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Worlds first open source headless ecommerce foundation based on a microservice architecture.

We believe that open and modern technology is the future of ecommerce. VELOX can be used to implement a full web-shop, extend an existing web-shop with integrations or single services or to migrate existing web-shops step by step to a modern microservices architecture.

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Why build the future of ecommerce today?

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Open Source

The MIT license gives users permission to reuse code for any purpose, even if the code is part of proprietary software.

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True Flexibility

We are well aware of today's complex ecommerce scenarios and designed our solution for maximum flexibility.

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Real Scalability

Our solution is designed to scale infinitely alongside
emerging business requirements.

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Integrate Everything

Due to our open architecture you are free to integrate anything into our foundation.

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Swiss Quality

We strongly adhere to swiss quality standards, also when we write code. Swiss made. It works.

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B2B Focus

Our experts rely on thorough expertise around the full spectrum of todays b2b ecommerce challenges.

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No License Fees

Lower the total cost of ownership of your ecommerce platfrom by removing immense license fees.

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Modular Design

You decide if you only use a few modules or the complete foundation, our solution is designed to support many use cases.

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Experience the Flexibility

Let us show you first-hand the power of our solution and what you can achieve with it in a personal demo.

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Designed by B2B
Ecommerce Experts

Our open source headless ecommerce foundation has been designed from the ground up to suit today's demanding B2B ecommerce business requirements.

Velox is more flexible, scalable and easier to adapt to your needs than traditional solutions. Why reimplement the whole solution, every couple of years, when you can keep up with the technology and the market much easier by using microservices.

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Quality Code by
Professional Engineers

Quality code, extensive documentation, API-First, microservice architecture. With our open source headless ecommerce foundation you can remove complexity and dependencies out of monolithic commerce implementations. 

Use only what you need and don’t carry the overhead of code and functionality which you don’t need.

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The Ecommerce Swiss Army Knife

VELOX is the leading B2B open source headless ecommerce foundation for tailor-made
microservice implementations.

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Core Features

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Reliable and customizable cart functionality.
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UX optimised one page checkout.
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Fast and flexible search based on elastic stack.
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Modern backoffice with easy access to dashboards and data.
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Smooth and minimal registration process.
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Order Management
Order managment with
UX in mind.
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Public Cloud Hosting
Cloud native and ready to deploy on all major providers.
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Swiss Private Hosting
Reliable swiss hosting, deploy yourself or by our partner.
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On-Premise Hosting
Deploy yourself or by our partners docker compose.
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Headless Architecture
Separated backend and presentation layer.
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API-First Architecture
Reduces the risk of failure, increases the speed to market.
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Microservice Architecture
Reduce complexity and increase extendability.
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Zitadel IAM Integration
Securely manage internal and customers Identities.
Sly Connect Integration
Automated order creation from your customers' ERP exports.
Recommendation Module
Customers to see what recommendations your company offers
Magnolia Integration
Modular content management
system to enhance engagement
Kubernetes Integration
Automates operational task, deploy and manage applications
velox backoffice order dashboard

Upcoming Features

Following an excerpt of our exciting development roadmap.

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Magnolia CMS Integration
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Stripe Payment Integration
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Enterprise Integration Module
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Kubernetes & Docker Support
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Subscription Module
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Workflow Automation Module
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Partners & Contributors

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