February 8, 2022

Nicola Berger

VELOX Highlights 2021

It’s been a while since we last updated you about VELOX!

Let’s share a brief overview of last year’s updates, including some new features we’ve developed and last year's highlights.

VELOX Release 1.0.0

March 2021 marked our first major release. We named it after our iconic Zurich mountain -- the “Uetliberg”.

New Features


  • Responsive Frontend
    Since our major release, we further enhanced the frontend for an even better user experience.


  • Currencies
    Currency handling is now possible. Currencies can be managed during run-time in the back office.
  • Checkout
    The checkout process has been enhanced since the first release.
  • User service
    New user service and management has been integrated.


  • Kubernetes MVP
    The  Kubernetes setup required to run VELOX is now operational.
  • GitLab Pipelines
    GitLab deployment pipelines are now integrated to ensure maximum flexibility and development stability. Deployment pipelines are now setup with  GitLab.
  • Integration ZITADEL
    We are now using ZITADEL instead of Okta for identity management. Services are modified and improved considerably since our previous iteration.
Screenshot of the VELOX demo shop

Sly Connect, a premium VELOX feature

Sly Connect, the powerful digital order upload tool, is now integrated into VELOX. For example, precise text selection is now available with improved functionality--we know that speedy uploads can significantly enhance productivity.

Regardless of whether or not you use VELOX, you can still integrate Sly Connect. Sly Connect allows you and your customers to take the next step in maximizing the order process. Your company saves time, increases customer loyalty and decreases retention with the little effort of using Sly Connect.

Screenshot of Sly Connect integrated in VELOX demo shop

Milestones and Highlights

There are many new features and improvements, which we will get into more detail when we release the next major version. Allow us to present our  2021 VELOX milestones and highlights.

First contributors

VELOX is an open source project. Developers are encouraged to collaborate on the VELOX journey! We are happy to welcome our first contributors in 2021. If you are also interested, don’t hesitate to become part of VELOX’s journey. We are looking forward to onboarding you!

The following graphic shows how we work together with independent contributors in the VELOX software development process.

Front-end review

The external review of our front-end marks another milestone. We’ve improved VELOX continuously based on the feedback we’ve received, for that we’re truly grateful for our userbase and their support throughout the development process.

Siemens open source conference

René Hämmerli and Luca Solimine had the opportunity to present VELOX at the Siemens open source conference on the 26th of May 2021. In their presentation, they discussed the limitations of standard solutions, specifically what makes VELOX unique and a counter solution to modern-day standard. To view this conference presentation, please watch the following Youtube video:

The growing VELOX team

Cornel Eberle joined our VELOX team in May as senior software architect with e-commerce and Hybris know-how.
Since July Izzatollah Amani has been part of the VELOX team as a junior software engineer.
Later in the year, in November, the VELOX team is grew again with Nicola Berger as an application manager.

Sly Retreat

One of our personal VELOX highlights in the last year was our team retreat in Savognin. We traveled to the adorable Swiss mountains far away from any disturbance.

During our gathering, we discussed the future of VELOX and the way the team can work towards those future goals. Of course,  we took time to celebrate with team activities and to enjoy the fresh mountain air. Overall, way too much to tell you everything here. Stay tuned for our future blog post about the retreat.

‹›Some impressions of our VELOX retreat

Just one last impression from our retreat. We are happy VELOX is not complicated to work with, like going up with an all-terrain tricycle and an aerial cableway. For sure the fun to downride and the work with VELOX are comparable.

Coming up next

For now we have talked enough about last year. In 2022 we will continue fully enhancing VELOX  with full speed. We will continue adding new features and infrastructure improvements. See the most important milestones planned below.

Another highlight, planned for the second quarter is our merchandise shop based on VELOX. So we can impress you with a working VELOX shop with all it’s features and if we're honest, perhaps a coffee never tastes better than out of our VELOX espresso cup, soon available on our merchandise shop.

Did we get your attention?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We are happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with a personal demo, or even discuss the possibilities you imagine for VELOX!

See you soon!


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