November 11, 2022

Napha Solimine

​​​​​​2021 Velox retreat

It’s been a year since we had our Velox retreat. It was a great time and brought us together between the covid waves. The main goal of this retreat was team building as well as making a big jump forward with our new solution - Velox.

It was Monday morning, we were driving from Zürich to Savognin, Kanton Graubünden. The reason we chose Savognin was that it took us only 2 hours to get there, the spectacular view of the mountain landscape and that René has a holiday apartment up there.

Lunch was easy. We ordered pizza in the town and continued to discuss in greater detail, what to work on during the week. There were a few topics we refined and prepared in advance. Finally we decided to work in three groups on the following topics.

Running Velox on Kubernetes
Product recommendations
Product variants

Now let’s take a break from work and enjoy a fun activity with the team!

Although our main aim was boosting Velox, we did some cool adventures as a team. On Wednesday morning we were working together, before we drove mountain carts in the afternoon. We picked up our carts and went up to the mountain in gondolas.

Mountain carts are definitely a good choice for anyone seeking a fun adventure.

Grab the mountain carts and off we go !

Not only did we enjoy the outdoor activities, but we also enjoyed working on the topics together. Now let's talk in detail about the topics mentioned above.

Running Velox on Kubernetes

We already had Velox running on docker containers using docker compose. But we also wanted to provide a kubernetes setup for our customers. Therefore we decided to make use of the time by setting up our kubernetes cluster on AWS and running the first services.

Product recommendations

Also in B2B shops recommendations are super important. That’s why we implemented our recommendation service and a frontend component to display recommendations on the category page during this week. We display the most relevant products per category based on previous actions happening in the shop.

Product variants

Simple products are cool, but imagine all the fun different variants can bring. Order our Velox polo shirts now in different colors and sizes. The third group dealt with the evaluation of different data models for storage and transmission as well as different ways of presenting these variants in the webshop.

Everyone deserves a nice reward after hard work, right? We booked a massage therapist in town. One got a massage while the others worked on the balcony with this fantastic view.

Beautiful view from the balcony

This night was our last night together in Savognin and we had barbeque for dinner.

Last dinner in Savognin with the team !

Time went by so fast. It was already Friday. We packed our stuff and had breakfast together before we left the town, heading back home.

Last year's retreat allowed us to discover our strengths and weaknesses and most importantly, we could work and enjoy activities together as a team outside of the office. We are looking forward to our next company retreat!

If you are interested in Velox and would like to see it in action, feel free to book a demo or get in touch with us via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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